Podcast Marketing Services

Marketing by Castos productions

We’ll create the podcast marketing assets for your team

Save time and money creating the marketing assets you need to help promote your podcast.

Castos Productions helps with show note writing, blog posts, audiograms, and video reels. We’ll even upload it to your website or YouTube channel!

One podcast episode. Many ways to promote.

We’ll help you take one podcast episode and give you the promo assets for your marketing needs.

Featured images

Assist with featured images for your podcast blog post.

Quote cards

Create quote card images to share on social media.


Turn audio into shareable video clips for social media.

Show notes

We’ll make the show notes to act as a summary and resource for episodes.

blog posts

We’ll extend your podcast marketing by creating an SEO focused blog post.

video reels

If you’re creating a video podcast, we’ll help create the shareable video clips for YouTube.

Pricing options for every budget

Experience Castos Productions and trust our team to partner on your podcast.

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Monthly Pricing

See our monthly pricing for editing, marketing, and other add-ons

Launch packages

See our podcast launch packages for B2B podcasts just starting out.