Podcast Editing Services

Editing by Castos Productions

We’ll edit your podcast so you don’t have to

Castos Productions helps take the busy work out of podcast production. Let us edit your podcast so you can focus on improving the content of your show.

From simple edits to complex audio, Castos Productions is here to help edit your podcast.

Simple vs Complex podcast editing

We can handle a wide range of podcast editing needs.

Simple: Up to two interview tracks

A typical B2B interview podcast. One host + a guest.

Simple: Static intro & outro

Using the same intro & outro on every episode.

Simple: High quality audio source

You’ve recording quality audio with proper mic technique.

Complex: More than two tracks

You have more than two tracks, music or the audio is greater than an hour.

Complex: Sound design & Narration

There are more complex edits to make. Transitioning between segments or narrated signposts.

Complex: Repairing bad audio

The raw audio could be better. Our team will try their best to make it sound acceptable.

Pricing options for every budget

Experience Castos Productions and trust our team to partner on your podcast.

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Monthly Pricing

See our monthly episode pricing for editing, marketing, and other add-ons

Launch packages

See our podcast launch packages for B2B podcasts just starting out.