For brands in the pursuit of great B2B podcasts

We’ll help you launch a B2B interview, branded, or docuseries podcast to reach your audience. Castos Productions has a full-stack of podcast specialists to help you achieve your audio goals.

Editing & Production

B2B Podcast Editing Service

Podcast editing service for simple shows and production teams for more complex audio.

Show Development

podcast show development

Let’s work together to build a compelling show that stands out from the rest.

Launch & Marketing

Podcast Launch Service

Experience a proper podcast launch & marketing plan for your brand’s audio needs.

What we do

Some of the services we can help you with

Audio editing

A great sounding podcast is right around the corner!

podcast production

Work with a producer for more complex shows.

launch consultations

Get your podcast started on the right track.

Show development

Develop a podcast that leaves a lasting impression.

Show notes & transcripts

Trust our team to write the show notes for every episode.

podcast management

We’ll upload and schedule episodes for you.

video for podcasts

Help with videos for marketing or for YouTube.

marketing support

We’ll take the busy work out of marketing your show.

private podcasting

Solutions for subscription or company-only podcasting.

Podcasts we help produce

A few of the creators that partner with Castos Productions

Learn more about monthly podcast editing packages starting at $1,000

Partner with a team of podcast production professionals dedicated to helping you launch a successful B2B podcast. Experience Castos Productions today!

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